Sunday, October 16, 2005


Rather than post a summary of the game last night (Pens lose to Tampa 3-1), I thought I'd just post the season to date +/- numbers for the Pens defensemen and let you draw your own conclusion:

Poapst +2
Odelinein -1
Dicky T -2
Ric Jackman -2
Joe Melichar -3
Brooks Orpik -3
Bob Scuderi -4
Sergei Gonchar -6

Gonchar was horrible again last night and had a turn over in the Pens zone that directly lead to a goal.

Not sure what Edzo is gonna do at this point but the pre-season excitement of winning the Crosby lottery is quickly waning as the Pens go winless game after game.


Anonymous josh said...

Those numbers don't even do justice to how bad the defense has been. They are awful. I don't think +/- is that great of a stat anyway, especially with all the PPs going on early in the year, but in any case, they are playing very poorly. Coaching has to take some of the blame because they need to play better team defense, but the individuals are also to blame. How can they be staisfied as professionals when they play that poorly?

2:15 PM  

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